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Who We Serve

Native Nourishment offers our tailored services to any tribes who express interest in the East Coast of the United States, regardless of state or federal recognition.

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How We Help

Tailored Services

~Because communities aren't monoliths~

Every community is unique, therefore so are our services. We base each plan, like coordinating food donations building community gardens, and other means of supporting food security based on what YOU say you need. We're able to accomplish this by first starting a conversation with your community about what you would like to see done to best benefit and support your nation. You know your community best and Native Nourishment prioritizes and respects that.

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Community Gardening

ExSEEDing Expectations

Gardening is our way to make sure our plans are sustainable for all communities. We incorporate Native gardening practices as well as Native food to ensure authentic sustainability for each community. We reiterate this mentality through our Native Nourishment Packs. These packs are personalized gardening starter kits that include instructions as well as everything you'd need to set up a prospering garden.

Food Donation

Donate with dignity!

Our healthy food donations are centered around the healthy dietary preferences of each tribe or Indigenous family to eliminate food waste and promote respect. We do not accept donations near the expiration date or otherwise unwanted by the community. Save your spring cleaning for the spring, and donate with dignity ;)! We also help provide volunteers to support existing Native food pantries, programs, and those already dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles within Native neighborhoods.

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