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East Coast Indigenous Food Survey

Centering Native people on the East Coast

We're leading DE's first Indigenous Food Environment Survey! Many statistics and literature surrounding Native Food Sovereignty and Security are primarily based on Native populations in the West, on reservations, or go completely understudied. This leaves approx. 87% of Indigenous people who don't live on reservations, or on the East Coast, are underrepresented in academia involving food security and sovereignty and overlooked for support. By participating in this survey you're centering Native people on the East Coast. This survey will finally give us an accurate and updated look at East Coast Indigenous food environments so Native Nourishment and other Native-Centered organizations can better support our Indigenous communities.

Committed Locally

Since the majority of Native representation in food and agriculture programs are based in the West, we're committed to centering and supporting all Indigenous tribes here on the East Coast

Community Outreach

Participating in this survey will provide critical information that'll enable us to better personalize our Native Nourishment Packs, our FREE at home edible garden starter kits. Sign up for yours through the survey!

Accurate Representation

This survey will finally give us and similar nonprofits an accurate depiction of Indigenous Food Environments on the East Coast.

Image by Jennifer Marquez
Native Food Survey: Projects
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