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Our Mission

Supporting and highlighting the stories of the communities we serve

Native Nourishment increases healthy food accessibility and sovereignty for East-Coast Indigenous tribes, anchored in a listen-first mentality. We tailor our services to the unique needs of each tribe, increasing food security by creating sustainable support systems for existing Native food and agricultural programs. We're dedicated to advocating about Native food security and educating the public on Native food security, nutrition, history, and cultivating relationships between Native and Non-Native communities.

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What We Do

We Move with Intentionality

Driven by a single goal: support Native food sovereignty and communities, we're finding new ways to learn and center Indigenous voices and culture and educate the public. We create action plans specific to each tribal community by taking a listen-first approach. We're genuine in prioritizing listening first to center the unique culture of Indigenous nations and not just food environments and to avoid a blanketed approach when collaborating with tribes. 

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How We Do It

Personalized Plans

In the U.S., food scarcity impacts Native Americans differently than other ethnicities as Natives are 4x as likely to be food insecure. Such statistics are attributed to various factors like the remoteness of reservations and accessibility to sustainable resources, higher densities of food deserts, poor access to land for edible plant use, and destroyed food systems caused by American laws, acts, and genocide that continues to have effects felt today. Such history has caused various food insecure environments within Native populations. Therefore, our services are personalized to the food environments of each community because tribes are not monolithic. Understanding history, and traditional and current Native diets and agricultural practices allow us to create sustainable and unique Native-centered plans that are tailored to the desires of each tribe.

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Why We Do It

Passion with a Purpose

Access to healthy food is a basic human right. Lack of healthy food accessibility creates a ripple effect far past the dinner table, being linked to Indigenous populations having higher rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Food scarcity affects Indigenous communities the most because of historical intentional acts like forcing Native people to reservations, which continues to negatively impact overall health.

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“My age does not dictate my impact.”

Jonte Desire, 22, Founder, President & Executive Director

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Tailored Services

Here, we focus on you by listening to your interests first.

Community Gardens

Learn about Native Nourishment Packs for sustainable gardening

Food Donation

Hearing your voice in the types of healthy food you want

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